Gulf Yacht Club - The Place to Be



The Gulf Yacht Club is the friendliest yacht club in BC.

We are a jolly group of sailors and their families who like to cruise under sail and explore the waters of the Pacific Northwest. We are a "virtual" yacht club - our boats are moored in a variety of marinas. Our primary focus is on companionship when cruising local waters and we don't race (officially...). We welcome both experienced and novice sailors and support them in their cruising endeavors.


We hold our meetings on the second Monday of every month (except for July and August) at the Vancouver Maritime Museum.



We are always  looking for new members, as we are a virtual club our membership cost  is very low. Initiation is $50 and annual dues are only $140.

The link below is an article published in the Canadian Yachting Magazine about the GYC discussing how the club started and our activities.



We have a fabulous Newsletter - the Gulf Sailor, see that section for a sampling of the club's activities.

GYC 2022 event calendar is here!


COVID-19 is affecting our cruises and meetings quite a bit. We will follow the Provincial Health Orders and decide about possible cancellations in due time before the cruise. Please check our updated cruise calendar here and the information on the Cruise information and Meetings page.