Commodore's Cruise  September 9 - 27 (Gulf Islands)


September 9 - 27

Host - Commodore

    This cruise is for all those intrepid sailors who do not want to go home after Newcastle Island.

    We will have a loose organization sailing South from Nanaimo and boats will likely attach and detach from the flotilla as the days go by. The Commodore plans to be sailing the Gulf Islands throughout September and ending up crossing Georgia Strait for the Fall Cruise on September 27. 

    The ports of call are not limited to but should include: Silva Bay, Pirates Cove, Wallace Island, Clam Bay, Maple Bay, Genoa Bay, Saltspring Island, Montague Harbour, Port Browning, Poets Cove, and Ladysmith. The idea is to make use of the September winds as much as possible and only spend 1 or 2 days at a location, eating good food and drink before moving on. 

    If the winds blow South, we go South. If they blow North, we go North. If they blow east or west we can sail up or down the Gulf Islands.