Extended Cruising         July 1 - August 2 (Desolation/Discovery Islands)


July 1 - August 2

Host - John Dixon

    The best part of sailing with GYC. 

    We gather in smaller groups coordinated by WhatsApp and by flying our Burgees. Whenever you come to a bay or harbour or marina look for the GYC Burgee and you will find a friendly face. Large groups don't always fit in the many beautiful spots we will see, so talk with another GYC'er and plan where to go. 

    John will be leading a flotilla to the Discovery Islands. If you like prawning, then watch where Don goes in his dinghy. Some places to enjoy are: Tenedos, Grace Harbour, Okeover Inlet (For Laughing Oyster), Roscoe Bay, Pendrell Sound, Walsh Cove, Squirrel Cove, Refuge Cove, Von Donop Inlet, Gorge Harbour, and Rebecca Spit. (For Heriot Bay Inn

    Wherever you end up plan to be in Comox by Aug 2.