The raft forms on the left after you pass the notorious rock in the entrance and enter the cove. Please watch your charts before entering the Cove. You may want to adjust your arrival depending on the tide height and your draught. Boats will be there early to scare away interlopers and help you tie up.











On Friday, June 7th We plan to arrive and anchor at Port Graves in the late afternoon.

Appies are planned to be on Saw Lee Ah @ 1700 hrs.

We plan head over to Plumper Cove on Saturday at about 1000hrs. An unofficial “Crace” often forms on the way over. It is somehow a cruise that is not really a race as we are a cruising club. We are still not sure of the rules, if there really are any. Anyway, just have fun and fill your sails as you head over the Plumper Cove.

At this time of the year, there is usually enough dock space at the wharf but you can anchor as an alternative. Although, the cove seems to be breeding mooring buoys, so it is getting tighter to anchor.

Watch out for the marked rock near the wharf – you do not need a nomination for the paddle.

A casual day is in order with Appies on the dock at 1600 hrs. Dinner on shore should commence by 1800 hrs with a BBQ of burgers , and whatever else you could bring to share. The club will be bringing the burgers, buns and condiments. Let us know if you have special dietary needs for the burgers and buns.

After a good night's rest and a Sunday morning chat or two, most boats will be heading home by noon.

Please let us know if you would be interested in taking pictures and/or “scribeing” the event for posterity (the Gulf Sailor). Picture and scribeing goes to Suzanne, who can tell you how to get them to her in the most effective manner. You can also volunteer to do the 50/50 and poker-hand, if you like. If you have a portable gas fired BBQ, could we use it for Saturday's dinner? The BBQ is in the trees so gas is the safest fuel. Koinonia has a removable one but it is small. We need at least two.

So far, we have 11 boats coming with three of those part of the time. Please contact Fred Bain at to let me know if you are planning to attend. It will help with our food and supplies gathering.

It looks like the weekend will be well attended but the more the merrier.


Fleet Captain




• For anyone not having done sail past before you should rendezvous at aprox. 10:30 A.M. at a point

close to but SE of Caulfield Cove West Van. and Monitor ch 69.

• “Koinonia” is the lead boat. Form a line behind Koinonia. At aprox. 11:00 A.M.

• The fleet captain will announce the beginning of the parade past the Commodores yacht, “Saw Lee Ah. (For those of you who do not know Saw Lee Ah, it will be the vessel parked in one spot -

we hope - and displaying much bunting.)

• There may be a cannon fired to start the sail past.

• Everyone is to follow in line astern of Koinonia and we will try to sail on a beam reach.

• When abeam of Saw Lee Ah salute the Commodore by either dipping your ensign or luffing

your jib.

• Clear the area of the Commodores boat as soon as possible.

• Proceed to Snug Cove for the reception in the Summer House.

Most important;please send regrets in writing to the Commodore if you are unable to attend.

Fred Bain, Fleet Captain, S/V “Koinonia“ (used with permission from Bob Hamelin S/V An Affair)

Be sure to register your boat for a spot on the dock by April 18th at Union Steamship Marina.

Again, a scribe, picture taker(s), someone for doing the 50/50 and Poker Hand and general help around the Summer House would be welcome. Please contact Fred Bain or Dar Farrell at if you would like to help out. 

The Ladysmith cruise begins on Friday the 19th of April for those who are able. We meet in Clam Bay at anchor. We arrive at Ladysmith around noon on Saturday the 20th at the Ladysmith Maritime Society marina and staying two nights there. The Ladysmith Community Marina is the first marina on your port side as you enter Ladysmith Harbour.


Good Friday:
Some of you may be planning on going straight to Ladysmith on the Friday, but others may stay at other locations (to be determined depending on consensus).
• Happy Hour somewhere
Most boats will probably arrive on Saturday morning. .
• Potluck Dinner in the upstairs room at the marina: remember there is
NO OVEN so all food must be prepared aboard your boat.
Bring EITHER a main dish OR a salad and dessert.
Easter Sunday:
Sunday at noon we will have a hot dog lunch on the
dock: hot dogs, buns and salad will be provided.
• Coffee and sweets on the dock of the marina
• BBQ Hotdog Lunch on the deck of the marina
• Departure


LMS marina is top left in the chart.

They have 900 feet of Visitor moorage plus overflow space, and are a popular stop for traveling boaters. Their 3,000 sf floating Welcome Centre provides a marina office, free Wi-Fi, complete washroom, shower and laundry facilities, plus a fireside lounge with a large TV, large meeting room and the Oyster Bay Cafe.

Price is $1.40/foot first night (effective April 1st, 2018), $1.10/foot for each subsequent night in the same season.

We will be having a Saturday night dinner in the upstairs meeting room and a Sunday lunch to be determined.

It’s always best to let them know you’re coming, particularly with a large boat. Call them at 250-245-1146 or on VHF 66A.

Do your best to reserve your dock space before April 6th. The Manager says “The sooner the better”. After the 6th, the dock space set aside for us and another group to register will be open for whomever applies. So, if you have not registered by the 6th of April, give LMS marina a call anyway as they will try to fit as many in as possible.


As always, we are looking for volunteers to help to make this a fun time for all. Please call Fred Bain or Bruce Shuh @ 1 250 416 1660

We need a scribe, picture taker and the usual generally useful volunteer members to be involved.